2012 Elders and Deacons Retreat

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2012 Elders and Deacons Retreat

Elders-and-Deacons-Retreat-First Presbyterian Church Fernandina BeachThis year’s annual Elders and Deacons retreat for Classes of 2012-2014 was held on Saturday February 11 in Jim Thomas Fellowship Hall. It was our first relaxed meeting with both former and new class members, and gave us an opportunity to meet each other, some of us meeting for the first time. Our meeting moderators were Pastors Bruce Lancaster and Doug Ganyo.

Discussions throughout were based on scripture lessons and posed questions regarding the leadership of our Church, and gave Biblical answers that help us to deal as leaders with our ongoing ministries. At midday our lunch was provided by FernanDeli on Eighth Street.

At the end of the day we were lead to read “A Christian Leader’s Pledge” by Robert Ramey (found in Growing Church Leaders by Robert Ramey). In that pledge, we recognize that God has called us to serve as leaders in the Church, Christ’s body, and that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live a life of witness and service among God’s people and in the world.

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