Evangelism Committee

The purpose of the Evangelism Committee is to provide opportunities for evangelism to be learned and practiced in and by the church, that members may be better equipped to articulate their faith, to witness in word and deed to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and invite persons into a new life in Christ.

The responsibilities of the Evangelism Committee include:

1. Providing opportunities for the congregation, on a regular basis, to learn how to share our Christian faith, and to invite persons into a new life in Christ.

2. Seeking out opportunities for evangelism within our church and community, sharing the good news with those wanting to know how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This may include donation of Bibles to those in need.

3. Following up with visitors, including the use of “Friendship and Fellowship Pads” in conjunction with the church office, and delivery of “Doorstep Ministry Bags” to first time visitors.

4. Encouraging our membership to be a witness for Christ’s love through their involvement in one of the many community Christian organizations serving the needs of the poor, the sick, the lonely, and the powerless among us.

5. Promoting and encouraging our membership to take an active part in sharing our faith in Christ by: including an article pertaining to evangelism each month in the church newsletter, and making the church evangelism brochure available in the narthex, fellowship hall and in new member packets.

6. Administering a “Good News” information table monthly between worship services. Materials/books will be coordinated with the Pastor and Christian Education Chair.

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