Worship Division

Worship Division

The purpose of the Worship Division  along with the Music Subcommittee, is to assist the minister in providing for meaningful worship of God, and to encourage the people to participate fully and regularly in it. The Choir Director and Organist will serve on the committee.

The responsibilities of the Worship Division include:

1. Arrange for ushers for each service. In addition to ushering, the ushers assist in the setup of the sanctuary each Sunday, assist in Baptism, count the number in attendance (including the choir and the children), and distribute activity bags to children.

2. Prepare Communion monthly and on special days such as Maundy Thursday, etc., and arrange for ordained elders and deacons (active or inactive) to serve Communion.

3. Sanctuary Preparation which includes maintaining flower schedule, changing paraments, polishing silver and brass, displaying banners, seeing that pews are supplied with visitor cards, envelopes, and prayer request cards, and arranging for holiday decorating of sanctuary.

4. Weddings and Funerals: Keep policies regarding these services current and assist as needed.

5. Assist Minister in assessing and meeting the congregation’s worship needs including: Sunday bulletin, order of worship scheduling of Services, and any special worship services.

6. Assist Minister in planning for special events such as Advent, Maundy Thursday, World Communion Day, etc.

7. Music: Work closely with the Minister and the Choir Director in providing music for various services and assist as needed in the development of the choir program. Assist in coordinating choirs and placement of the choirs in the services. Coordinate maintenance of the church’s musical instruments (pianos, organ, and bells).


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