Youth Committee

Youth – Presbyterian Youth Fellowship (PYF) programs and trips, etc.

The purpose of the Youth Committee is to aid the Director of Youth and Families and the adult volunteers in providing for and administering all programs of the young people of First Presbyterian Church.

The responsibilities of the Youth Committee include but are not limited to:

1. Planning and serving as leaders, teachers, chaperones and drivers for weekly and monthly programs, retreats, special activities, and summer youth trips.

2. Supporting the promotion of youth activities by encouraging youth attendance, getting the word out and reminders about all activities.

3. Providing and fostering youth development through involvement in community projects.

4. Providing and recruiting support during Youth Sunday Planning and Youth Sunday (particularly food for practices and between services on Youth Sunday itself).

5. Providing and recruiting support on assigned “Coffee Hour” dates.

6. Providing ad hoc assistance as needs arise within the youth program.

7. Recruiting volunteers (as necessary) for all Youth activities.

8. Coordinating Confirmation classes with the Youth Directors and Christian EDucation Committee.










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