Holy White Water by Rev. Scott Burton

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Holy White Water by Rev. Scott Burton

first-presbyterian-church-32034.orgSome of you may remember that in the summer of 2009 Rev. Scott Burton came to be with us as part of an international pulpit exchange.You may remember that he showed a video of his church and parish in Perth, Scotland and part of that video displayed Scott’s passion for kayaking on the largest river in Scotland, the Tay, which flows right past the church where he ministers.
Well, since that wonderful exchange experience, 2.5 years ago, Scott has been busy working on a book called, Holy Whitewater! It portrays in essence the spiritual reflections on his hobby/passion of whitewater kayaking.

Holy Whitewater discusses many a spiritual issue, from the river guidebook to the Bible; the capacity we all have to capsize in life; and the need every one has for rescue or salvation on our great journey from our Source to the great beyond. It even mentions his time kayak surfing down at Peter’s Point on Amelia Island and a specific lesson he learnt there!

Copies of Scott’s book are going to be sent over to First Presbyterian for anyone who would like to purchase one at the cost of $15 each, which will also cover postage. All proceeds of Holy Whitewater will be going towards the cost of a $780,000 refurbishment program at Scott’s church, St. Matthew’s.
Obviously, if anyone wishes to contribute more than the cover price of the book, larger donations will be gratefully received.

All in all, Scott, Jill, Eilidh and Sara ask that we pass on their very sincere thanks for the rich blessing that the pulpit exchange was in 2009. Similarly, from “across the pond”, Pastor Burton offers his deep gratitude for any financial support that can be offered to his congregation’s large refurbishment campaign. If this is through the purchase of a copy of Holy Whitewater, it is hoped that those who read the book will enjoy it, find it thought-provoking and an encouragement along the way.

Further information can be found at www.holywhitewater.com. Don’t order from this page, though. Send your checks to First Presbyterian c/o Rose Anderson. We will then place one order to reduce postage costs.

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