It is Just So Good, It Must Be True

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It is Just So Good, It Must Be True

One day when George MacDonald, the great preacher and writer, was talking to a group of young people about the comfort and assurance of the resurrection,one young boy remarked to him that “it seemed too good to be true.”

George MacDonald smiled and said, “Nay, lad, it is just so good, it must be true.” Resurrection is central to our faith.  Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.”

Let’s be clear – it was not the life of Christ that started the church – it was the resurrection that gave meaning to his life and empowered the disciples to tell of his redeeming love on the cross. The resurrection is not a belief that grew out of the church, but the belief that in fact grew the church! The promise of the resurrection is that “because Jesus lives we shall live also.”  And it is not just life beyond the grave; as somebody said, “Easter is not a passport to another world, but a quality of life for this world.”

The resurrection challenges us to live.  Jesus came back to let us know that God trusts you and me not to bring death, but to do what must be done for the sake of the world God loves so much. God has entrusted us with this moment in time – a time when death and defeat seem to surround us; when bad news seems to be the only news; when anxiety breeds anxiety about anything that might be coming around the corner – but this is exactly the time that God has given us to live with the reality of the resurrection – that our daily existence is seen in the light of an eternal purpose!

Thanks and blessings,
Bruce Lancaster

Taken from the April 2012 Newsletter

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