La Gonave and Haiti Itinery set for May-June 2013

Published on Nov 13th, 2012 by Doug | 0

Mark your calendar now and prepare to be challenged and blessed on a Mission  Trip to Haiti and the nearby island of La Gonave. We will fly into Port-au- Prince Thursday May 30th and go to the Christian Light School, founded by retired Jacksonville teacher Sherrie Fausey. We will bring supplies and assist Sherrie in many ways on the campus, where we will stay.

On Saturday some of our group will take a ferry crossing to La Gonave, while the larger group serves at Sherrie’s school. Those on La Gonave will visit a historic church and travel to a school with supplies, including Fluoride treatment for students.  We will also meet with farmers who raise goats which our church has helped them purchase.

On Wednesday the La Gonave group will Ferry back to Port-au-Prince and be reunited with the others to share our stories and return Thursday June 6th.

The cost of the trip, around $700.00, will be shared by the participants and the Mission Committee. Claire Berry, a member and veteran of many trips to Haiti and La Gonave, will be our guide. A pastor will help lead  and Forrest Foxworth will take a few youth members with him. Please prayerfully consider this rare opportunity to serve and have the church office reserve your spot.

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