Leading With Your Heart

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In his book, Living With Your Dreams, David Semands tells of a track coach and a young athlete preparing for the high jump at the state championship meet.
Each time the young man would clear the bar during practice, the coach would raise it higher and higher. Then the coach put the bar at what would be a record height.
“Coach,” the boy asked, “How do you think I can ever jump that high?”

What the coach told him is worth remembering: “Son, just throw your heart over first and the rest of you will follow!”
When faced with challenges, most of us are really good at throwing the head
over first – we think it out, lay out all the options, look at it a second and third and fourth time, and think about it some more.
What we too often leave behind is the heart, the passion, the enthusiasm – that extra bit of ‘get up and go’ that propels us over the top!

Sometimes we think too much about what faith requires when what we need to
do is simply put our heart into it – and the rest will follow.
That’s the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) – the lawyer wanted a ‘head’ answer, and Jesus gave him a ‘heart’ answer. Jesus is telling us, showing us how we can do great things for God – when we lead with a heart full of love, the soul and mind and strength will follow.

This is our response-ability as Christians to fulfill God’s purposes with power and passion as we meet the challenges within our country, our community, and our church.

Thanks and blessings,
Bruce Lancaster

Borrowed from the FPC March 2012 Newsletter which is also loaded with calendar information on trips and events.

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