Mack Sisson: Reflections on being a Moderator

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As Mack Sisson ends his term as Moderator for the Board of Deacons, he shares his thoughts on his diaconate experience.

The first question that came to mind when requested to serve as Moderator for the Board of Deacons was “Why me and what could I offer knowing that others could do better?”  Upon accepting the opportunity I was reminded of an expression that my father had shared with me when growing up about what
I should do with my life.

He reminded me “that a life of serving others has its own rewards; it is not what you get for doing it, but what you become by being it,” meaning to me “having lived the experience.”  As Moderator, I wanted to be nothing more than the “facilitator of the process” and let the skills and talents of the Deacons provide the synergy to move our church forward and continue to grow in relationship and belief through trust of God’s promise, “I am with you always.”
I have been personally blessed while serving these two years as Moderator, to be with a wonderful group of Deacons who are now close friends and for always be a part of my Christian pilgrimage.

I wish to thank each of our Deacons for their faithful commitment of service during my tenure and know you will always remember the closing prayer that we read together:  “The light of Christ still illuminates our way. Come; let us walk in the light of the Lord.  May my love, faith and actions serve as a light to all those who still live in darkness.”

In Christ’s Service, Mack Sisson, Moderator 2010-2011

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