May 2014 Newsletter Article

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May 2014 Newsletter Article

It was a great joy for me to prepare and deliver sermons during Lent based on our Lord’s Prayer.  As we transition into the warmer weather of Spring and the deeper themes of the Easter season, we will embark upon a new homiletical adventure: “Questions for God.”  This series reminds me of one Sunday morning a few years ago when our son, Will, was about three.  I left for church early, and so my sweet wife, Sarah, got to field a most unique question from our little theologian in training: “Mom, where’s Jesus?”  Sarah said all that she could think to say was, “Jesus is always with us, Will.  He is in our thoughts and our hearts, etc.”  Will listened but was not satisfied.  They went to church, and afterwards as soon as Will gets out of the car, he runs into the kitchen, dives under the table and grabs a small, plastic action figure of Jesus, pulling it right up to his face and exclaiming: “There you are, Jesus!  We thought you were a goner!”  We love that story.  It reveals to us the innocence of a child and reminds us that Easter is a bold proclamation that Jesus in not a goner.  Because of God’s glorious power and love, Jesus lives.  God’s love can never be killed!  Yet, as strong and sure as God’s love is in life, there are moment of death, grief, doubt, and adversity that naturally cause us to question things such as who God is, how God is making God’s will known, what we are to do in light of our faith, and where we might expect to find God if we were to search ~ other than the kitchen table.  We ask questions in the hope of finding answers.  Questions are good because they help us think more deeply and inspire us to learn more about God and about ourselves.  What is often the case, especially when it comes to the Christian faith, is that our initial questions lead us to deeper and deeper questions, and many of those questions do not come with tidy answers.  Our questions ultimately guide us to a place where we have to make a choice:  will I let go of my desire to have all the answers and place my trust in God or not?  My hope for the weeks ahead is that our time together in worship, learning, and service will provide us many opportunities to ask some sharp questions.  I hope that those questions will inspire us to think new thoughts and dream new dreams.  As we dream, may Paul’s question from Romans 8:31 inspire us: “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  In Jesus Christ, my friends, God is indeed for us!



Pastor Wain



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