Programs for the Men of First Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Men:
The Presbyterian Men meet monthly for dinner, fellowship, and a special message by our pastor or invited speaker. All men of First Presbyterian Church (high school and up) are encouraged to participate. The Presbyterian Men is a fellowship-oriented organization of men from First Presbyterian Church. In the past, they have also built wheelchair ramps for physically challenged people, re-roofed homes, painted and re-roofed church buildings, and supported Habitat for Humanity with time and talents.

Coffee Klatch:
Men of the church meet every Tuesday at 3:00 PM for fellowship and a discussion of current events.

Troubled Youth Outreach:
Every month, a group of men from FPC meet at the steps of the church for a prayer before carpooling to Nassau House (the halfway house for troubled youth at the north end of Amelia Island) to spend some time talking with a resident. This group of caring individuals has no special training, only the desire to spend time with a troubled youth to let them know there is someone out there who cares about them enough to share the love of God with them. This has been described by participants as a win-win proposition, with both the visitors and the residents benefiting greatly.

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