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3/18/12 Introit: “O That I Had A Thousand Voices” by Jay Althouse
3/18/12 Anthem: “I Will Dwell In You” by Cynthia Gray
3/11/12 Introit: “Were You There?” – PresbyBells with Barbara Swearingen
3/11/12 Anthem: “I Lift Me Eyes” – Hal Hopson
3/4/12 Introit: “Thanks Be to God” – Irish Melody / arr. Sheldon Curry
3/4/12 Anthem: “I Will Give Jubilant Thanks” – by J.P. Williams / M. Barrett
2/26/12 Introit: “Tender Shepherd, Gentle Lamb” – by Douglas Nolan
2/26/12 Anthem: “Nearer, My God to Thee” – by L. Mason/arr. W. Knapp & R..E.Schram
2/19/12 Introit: “It is Well With My Soul” – piano/trumpet duet by G.Stegmann and Buddy Drewry
2/19/12 Anthem: “Panis Angelicus” – piano/trumpet duet by G.Stegmann and Buddy Drewry
2/12/12 Introit – “Morning Has Broken” – a Gaelic Melody
2/12/12 Anthem “Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore” – C.Garbarain, arr. G.stegmann
2/5/12 Introit: “Softly and Tenderly” – W. Thompson / arr. g. stegmann
2/5/12 Anthem: “The Servant Song” – words R. Gillard / arr. D. Wagner
11/13/11 Introit “With A Pure Heart” – R.Williams/arr.g.stegman
11/13/11 Anthem “Because He Lives” – G.&W.Gaither/arr. J.Schrader
11/06/11 Introit – “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty” – Nicea/Arr. Lloyd Larson
11/06/11 Anthem – “Praise the Lord” – Lobe Den Herren/Arr. Lloyd Larson
10/23/11 Introit – “I Will Give Jubilant Thanks” – P.Williams & M. Barret
10/23/11 Anthem – “Come Home” – A.L.Page & J.A.Shafferman
10/16/11 Introit – “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying” – K.Medena /adapt. g.stegmann
10/16/11 Anthem “Let There Be Peace On Earth” – S.Miller & Jill Jackson
10/09/11 Introit – “Gloria, Gloria” – Jacques Berthier
9/25/11 “Hey! Hey! Anybody Listening?” – by g. stegmann
9/25/11 Anthem “Gather By The River to Pray” – Trad. Spiritual, arr. Pepper Choplin
09/18/11 Introit – “Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love” – Ghanian folk Tune: arr. g.stegman
09/18/11 “Just a Closer Walk with You” unknown, arr. by Jack Schrader
09/11/11 Introit “This Is My Song” – Sibelius, Stone, Harkness & Wagner: adapt. g.stegman
09/11/11 Anthem “In Memoriam” – Dvorak, S. & L Dengler; adapt. g. stegmann
09/04/11 Introit “Song of Hope” – arr. g.stegman
09/04/11 Anthem “Shine Jesus Shine” – Graham Kendrick/arr. g.stegman
07/03/11 Introit “Eternal Father Strong to Save” – arr. g.stegman
07/03/11 Anthem “Patriotic Medley” – W.Whiting, J.Dykes/arr. g.stegman
06/26/11 Heal Our Land Brooks, arr. Hayes/Lili Lauer-Soprano
06/19/11 Domine Deus from Gloria Soprano solo: Kathy Kessler Price
06/19/11 He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands Soprano solo: Kathy Kessler Price
06/12/11 Come Holy Spirit Our Souls Inspire arr. g. stegmann/ Baritone: Mack Sisson
06/12/11 Spirit of the Living God arr. g. stegmann/Baritone: Mack Sisson
06/05/11 Appalachian Medley unknown
05/29/11 Morning Voluntary g.stegmann
05/29/11 Open My Eyes Lord unknown/arr.g.stegmann
05/29/11 The Lord Bless You and Keep You John Rutter
05/22/11 I Asked the Lord J.Lange & J.Duncan/arr. g.stegmann
05/22/11 Song of Hope Argentine Folk Melody/arr. g.stegmann
05/15/11 Alleluia Philip Hayes
05/15/11 The Risen Christ K. Getty & Ph. Madeira /arr. T. Fettke
05/08/11 Piano/Violin Duet Unknown
05/08/11 I’ll Fly Away Men of the church – A. Brumley
05/01/11 Alleluia Phillip Hayes
05/01/11 Beautiful Savior David Allen
04/24/11 Hope Is Alive Boersma/D.Lanz III/arr g.stegmann
04/24/11 Festive Praise Allen Pote/arr. g.stegmann
04/21/11 Pie Jesu A.Ll.Webber/arr. g.stegmann
04/21/11 Soldiers of the Cross Trad Spiritual/arr P.Choplin
04/21/11 O Come and Mourn F.W.Faber/T.Shaw
04/21/11 Amazing Love, How Can It Be Ch.Wesley/Ll.Lrson/adapt. g.stegmann
04/21/11 Beneath The Cross K.Getty &K.Lennox/arr.Dan Forrest
04/21/11 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross I.Watts/arr. D.Forrest/adapt. g.stegmann
04/10/11 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded H.L.Hassler/arr. B.Harlan
04/10/11 Beautiful Hands Reid/Hamilton arr.Hamilton/Buda
03/27/11 Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place Lanny Wony Wolfe/arr g. stegmann
03/27/11 Take Me Back To The Cross S. Hicks / Stan Pethel
03/20/11 Fairest Lord Jesus Arr. Lloyd Larson, Director: Louanne Lind
03/20/11 Oh, The Deep Deep Love Solo: Sara Croft Piano: G. Stegmann
03/20/11 Two Lenten Hymn Tunes Arr. Lloyd Larson, Director: Louanne Lind
03/13/11 Canzona Flute: Emily Kirkendahl Piano: Carol Whitman
03/13/11 Softly and Tenderly Thompson/arr. g. stegmann
03/13/11 The Old Rugged Cross G. Bennerd/arr. D. Andrews
03/06/11 Allegro – Trumpet/Piano duet
03/06/11 Hey! Hey! Anybody Listening? Avery&Marsh-arr. g. Stegman
03/06/11 Peter Go Ring Them Bells Arr. by Mark Hayes
02/27/11 Tender Shepherd, Gentle Lamb Douglas Nolan
02/27/11 In the Garden Austin Miles/arr. g. stegmann
02/13/11 Give Us This Day – R.RoyCoats
02/13/11 Feed My Lambs N.Sleeth/T.Fettke
02/06/11 Be Strong in the Lord – P.Williams/M.Barrett
02/06/11 He Lifted Me – Ch.Gabriel/J.Martin
01/30/11 Open My Eyes Lord – arr. G. Stegmann
01/30/11 Jesus, Lover Of My Soul – Ch. Wesley/S.B.Marsh
01/23/11 Give Us This Day – R. Roy Coats
01/23/11 He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands – Cherokee Spiritual
01/16/11 Today We All Are Called To Be Desciples –
01/16/11 O Jesus I Have Promised
01/09/11 Hey Hey Anybody Listening – Avery/Marsh
01/09/10 Make Me a Channel of Your Peace – S. Temple
01/02/11 Creation will be at Peace – Solo by Barbara Swearingen

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