Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministers care for people inside and outside our congregation, including those experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, terminal illness, loneliness, spiritual crisis, hospitalization, relocation, and other life difficulties. Men are matched with men, women with women. Caring relationships last for as long as the person needs this level of care.

Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of caregiving training in the congregation. The training is led by our congregation’s Stephen Leaders–those who have completed a one-week intensive Stephen Series Leader’s Training Course.
Stephen Minister training is an engaging, enjoyable learning experience that combines reading, lecture, discussion, skill practice, life application, videotape simulations, and spiritual growth activities. It equips Stephen Ministers to provide a high level of confidential, Christ-centered care.

If you or someone you know needs help and support in a time of a life crisis, or would like to learn more about our Stephen Ministry, please contact  Stephen Leader, Malcolm Noden.

This PBS video shows the essence of Stephen Minsitries, a nationwide support group.

Watch Stephen Ministry on PBS. See more from RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY.

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