Trou Jacques


We at First Presbyterian have a bit of history with La Gonave.  The island just off of Haiti’s mainland is considerably larger than our own (in land mass and population!)… but we like to think there is a connection.  Several years ago, we got involved in The La Gonave Goat Project as a way to support local farmers.  In 2012, we sent our first team to the island to explore some new ways of deepening our relationship with the people of Haiti.

Children playing at the school in Trou Jaques.
(from our 2012 trip)

Our friends on La Gonave have much to offer and have been incredibly hospitable.  This is admittedly a learning process for all parties involved.  We continue to pursue solutions to problems and mutually beneficial relationships… relationships that reflect the beauty and strength and dignity of both communities.

In May of 2015, we took our second crew of young adults to La Gonave.  This crew continued our relationship with Trou Jaques, a rural community on the southern tip of the island.  We began work on a census (of sorts), helped map out the community via GPS, interacted with our friends leading the Goat Project, checked out the future-church-building site, and began the micro-finance program!

2012 Crew standing on school’s cistern

We also spent some time visiting with the teachers and students.  Right now, the school includes roughly 130 children in grades 1-6.  We’d like to hear from our friends about ways we can all learn and grow together.

Construction has started!

We’re in the process of building a church in the community!  FPC is in partnership with Central Presbyterian Church (Atlanta) and St Phillip & St James Episcopal (Trou Jacques).  We’ve raised roughly 90% of the funds to finish construction on the church building in Trou Jacques!  You can donate to the building project here:

If you have any questions about the trip or ways you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can contact the church office or Forrest.


Meet our 2015 Team: