South American Mission (SAM)

Craig and Mary DeLille walked through Frei Damiao, a forgotten section of Dois Unidos, Brazil, and knew right away their calling; to provide adequate housing to replace the patch-work tin and tarp-covered homes in which many families were living. They soon learned that behind the thin veils of homes were other desperate needs like food and literacy training. Most notably, there was the need to know that God’s love extends to every corner of this world, especially to the seemingly forgotten places. In partnership with local churches, their desire is to respond to the felt needs encountered in South America, demonstrating God’s heart for the poor in their local communities.

SAM’s Redemptive Outreach in Dois Unidos provides 50 food baskets every two weeks for families who struggle to make ends meet. They are also building small but safe and secure houses for $3500 per house-$2500 for materials and $1000 for labor. Bible studies are now being held in some of these homes and in the local community and churches. You can make an immediate impact with gifts to this ministry in Brazil.  You can also read more about SAM here.

Proud New SAM House Owner with Key

•    A gift of $10 buys a bible or study materials for an individual family to join in Bible study.
•    A gift of$25 buys a food basket that gives necessary sustenance–and a big dose of hope.
•    A gift of $250 is like placing a foundational brick in one of the new houses in Dois Unidos.

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But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish. Psalm 9:18

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