The La Gonâve Goat Project

The objective of this project is to eliminate malnutrition by providing families the opportunity to raise goats for sale at the local markets. The project was started nine years ago and has trained over 260 Haitian farmers in goat husbandry.
La Gonâve is a remote, mountainous province off the coast of Haiti with approximately 100,000 people living on the island. The average family earns less than $1.20 a day and unemployment is over 80%.

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You can sponsor a family in the program for $180. Following 3 days of training, the farmer will receive a pregnant doe crossbred with a sturdy Nubian buck to produce superior, meatier goats. Farmers in the La Gonâve Goat Project continue to receive medicines and special feed for the goats, as well as ongoing training and regular supervision. Income generated as the goats are sold at market is used to provide food and improved shelter for the family, and education for the children.

The goat project is part of the La Gonâve Haiti Partnership, a community-based program focusing on nutrition and healthcare, education, and economic development since 1989.