Perkins Center, Jackson MS 2012

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A group of high school students, college students, and adults traveled to Jackson, MS to partner with the Perkins Center.  They had an amazing trip!


Continuing a relationship that began last summer, FPC sent a group of volunteers to partner with the Perkins Center.  Founded by Dr. John M Perkins and named in memory of his son, The Perkins Center aims to transform their West Jackson community.  Please click here to read more about this amazing organization.

Each morning began with prayer and discussion with Dr. Perkins.  These sessions were really meaningful to everyone involved.  Immediately after, “work” began.  The group weeded, planted, cut grass, built a fence, ripped up flooring, built a shed, installed foul poles, cleared pathways, painted, fixed appliances, picked up trash, cut hedges, fought vines, and even managed to fit in a little league baseball game.

Check out the pics on our Facebook page.

If you have a chance to ask some of the youth about the trip, please don’t hesitate.

Here’s what Amelia had to say:

To say that I had an awesome time during the mission trip last week would be an understatement.  Not only did I get to interact with and better acquaint myself with my fellow youth group members, but I also got to meet Dr. John M. Perkins.  After reading some of his amazing story on the bus trip, I was quite excited to meet him.  Having the opportunity to listen to him talk to us almost every morning was fantastic.  I saw with my own eyes a living miracle of Christ.  Dr. Perkins really impacted me last week.  It’s because of him and his story that I now want to continue and strengthen my relationship with God.  He worked miracles for Dr. Perkins and I now know that He can do the same for me.
            Aside from being spiritually impacted, this week was also beneficial to the relationships with my peers.  I gained some new friendships and also managed to strengthen the ones that I already had.  It was a pleasure to work with everyone.  There were never any major quarrels and we all got along really well.  We managed to get several tasks done for the center and I’m glad we were able to.  I think there was a perfect balance between work time and fun time. I never would have thought that a sheet of plastic, water, soap, and a hill could turn into so much fun.
           All in all, the mission trip was a great experience.  I would definitely do it again.  I’m proud to say that I worked for the good of Dr. Perkins and hope that others will continue to do as we did.  I’m also proud to say that I am a follower of God and plan to stay that way forever.  Thanks to everyone who came and shared the good times of the mission trip.  You helped me have an unforgettable trip.  


Here’s what Rhett and Cody had to say:

“It was a great experience for not only our church to help come together… but to make an impact on a community… and hopefully inspire people to not give up… and just to always move forward and live with love in our life”





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