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Sandi Neal brought it to the attention of the Christian Education committee that October was National Church Library Month and she wanted to do something special to feature our Ann Thomas Resource Library and that’s where it all began. The CE committee trusts that you have become more aware of the outstanding collection of books available to you and your family through this month long emphasis.

The library brochure inserted in the first Sunday’s bulletin provided a wonderful overview of the resources on hand as well as policies and procedures for the library’s use. The Book Box Lunch facilitated by John Ragsdale of the Presbytery welcomed 20 participants for lunch and a book review. It was a most successful event.

Sandi Neal has led a book study this month following dinner in 1st Café. This is the 3rd book study that Sandi has facilitated as part of our discipleship development on Wednesdays. As a member of the Christian Education committee, Sandi has eagerly taken on the responsibility of our library, making improvements in aesthetics and technical services, pursuing accreditation for our library, serving on the national board of church libraries, selecting new books, providing articles for First Pres, cleaning, sorting, labeling, and promoting our library by bringing it to you during coffee once each month. Sandi is a voracious reader and a talented quilter. I’m not sure which she loves more or if she could do without either one of these passions. First Presbyterian is indeed fortunate to have Sandi Neal as Church Librarian. She is an active and vital member of this congregation along with her husband, Jerry! They are a delightful and interesting couple making their home in Amelia Park. The CE
committee commends Sandi for her years of dedicated service to the Library, VBS, Camp Joy, the Theologian in Residence program and many more areas of service including Deacon. Way to Serve, Sandi!

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