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Published on Mar 6th, 2012 by CFSBENDR | 0

Life sets before us various challenges, difficulties, trials, rough spots, roadblocks – whatever we choose to call those times of strife. How we face and weather those trials hopefully strengthens us emotionally, personally and spiritually. When we must deal with several difficulties at once, however, it can be overwhelming.

Stephen Ministry training equips us to walk with a fellow Christian who is in that overwhelmed state; we learn how to provide support, comfort, spiritual reflection, and friendship, always relying God’s grace and presence in our work. It is a unique privilege to develop that very special relationship with someone whose needs exceed his or her resources at that time. The encouraging guidance in Stephen Ministry training is that “We provide the care; God provides the cure.”. And this realization–that we need not resolve all the problems or have all the answers–frees us to focus on really ‘being there’ for our Care Receivers.

Being a Stephen Minister is such an honor! Working with a Care Receiver is spiritually and personally fulfilling, with the added benefits of the camaraderie, support, and especially warm bond that developed among members of our Stephen Ministry group.  These are the priceless gifts of serving as a Stephen Minister:  The joy of a Care Receiver’s faith strengthened or renewed; the blessing of difficulties gradually resolved; and the humbling realization that we, as Stephen Ministers, are truly doing God’s work.

If you are searching for a genuinely meaningful way to live your faith, I highly recommend becoming a Stephen Minister!

(For more information on becominga Stephen Minister, please contact Pastor Doug Ganyo)

by Terri Cunningham

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