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I had just lost my spouse of over 50 years, was alone, depressed struggling with grief, and not thinking straight. Pastor Rev. Dr.Doug Ganyoasked me if I would consider help fromStephenMinistry? Not being too familiarStephenMinistry, I read about it from church information and the internet. It sounded almost theoretical ie, too good to be true, that a church lay person could be thoroughly trained , a compassionate caregiver,  to help in time of grief or crisis, and include emotional or spiritual issues.

I found out they focus only on care receiver issues, without trying to fix things and while staying more objective than a friend. They rely on God to direct their actions while always maintaining confidentiality. I contacted Pastor Doug and said I would try a Stephen Minister. Pastor Doug personally hand picked and introduced a Stephen Minister to me.. He discussed the details with emphasis on high quality compatibility, confidentiality and how the minister was trained in listening skills, understanding grief, stress, and would frequently communicate and visit.

It has now been 2 years since I met my Stephen Minster and the results were BETTER than I expected or read about! My assigned caregiver is no longer my Stephen Minister, but now is a good, long lasting, friend! Thank you Pastor Doug and God Bless you and the Stephen Minster program.


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