For centuries, Christians have used Lent as a tool to reflect, to grow, to honor, to build up, to look at the world differently.

Lenten tradition has been built on three pillars: PRAYER, FASTING, and ALMSGIVING.  This year, we invite you to join us.  We will focus some days on reflecting.  We will spend some days abstaining.  We will spend some days giving.

Our calendar follows a pattern:
Mondays are all about LIMITING. We encourage you to think about what you consume.  We invite you to consider the impact of your decisions… on your own body, on your family, on your community.
Tuesdays are all about GIVING.  We encourage you to be generous.  We invite you to reflect on the generosity of God… to think holistically about all the ways in which you have been blessed.
Wednesdays are all about FASTING.  We encourage you to intentionally abstain.  We invite you to contemplate how even GOOD things can often distract or deny us from a full, healthy life.
Thursdays are all about ACTION.  We encourage you to do something.  We invite you to embrace the beauty that surrounds you… that resides quite often in the simple.
Fridays are all about PRAYER.  We encourage you to slow down.  We invite you to join the wild and mysterious and divine conversation.
Saturdays are all about COMMUNITY.  We encourage you to share your life.  We invite you to the common table.
Sundays are all about CONNECTION.  We encourage you to gather.  We invite you to join with others… to take part in the ancient tradition of  journeying together.

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