The Mission Study Team conducted this study during October 2020 through February 2021.  Our mission study process involved thoughtful listening, careful and prayerful reflection, and deep conversations with the Congregation. The Team members sought to listen carefully to our members and to discern God’s leadership.

The Mission Study Report summarizes our findings.  The appendices contain detailed accounts of the meetings, surveys, and discussions that provide the basis of the report.  

Please select from the following links to view the report and appendices.  The reports are published in .pdf format which may be saved for off-line viewing and archiving.  

Click on the title below to view the Mission Study Report:

Mission Study Report 2021

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Appendix A: Mission Study & Process

Appendix B: Congregational Surveys: Comprehensive Analysis

Appendix C: Areas of Ministry: Focus Group Summaries

Appendix D: Congregational Gatherings & Town Hall Meeting: Summaries & Verbatim

Appendix E: Demographic Study: MissionInsite

Appendix F: Church Organization and Structure

Appendix G: CLC Leadership Attributes


Announcement of Acceptance by Session and Presbytery